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Ben Rodgers – Vocals

Favorite food and drink: Spareribs and beer!

Favorite movie: Queen Live At Wembley ‘86.

Most embarrassing moment: Coming to a venue to do an acoustic show, realizing that my guitar wasn’t with me 30 min before show start.

Most embarrassing Tellus-Moment: Falling asleep at home and being woken up by people storming the house screaming: “We were supposed to go on tour 3 hours ago!”

Most treasurable moment: Holding my son for the first time.

Most treasurable Tellus-Moment: Laughing our asses off in the tour bus.

Bucket list: To be on stage in every continent in the world!

If you got a 10 million dollar check, what would you do: Smile.


Stig Nergård – Guitars

Favorite food and drink: Port wine.

Favorite movie: Too hard to choose, but if I’d say only one movie it had to be Gladiator because of it’s music!

Most embarrassing moment: Forgetting the intro solo of Metallicas “Fade to black” and the band needed to start the song over again, and then I managed to do it AGAIN! I was 14 years old and I still see them faces of the laughing crowd. I would have laughed too, I guess.

Most embarrassing Tellus-Moment: The sound technician forgetting to un-mute my acoustic guitar in “Tantalized” so there was suddenly no Bridge in the song!

Most treasurable moment: Playing jump start by Greg Howe on my final exam.

Most Treasurable Tellus-Moment: Sitting in our own tour bus for the first time with all of the guys.

Bucket list: Travel on all the continents of the world.

If you got a 10 million dollar check, what would you do: I’d probably invest them in the band!


Ivar Hagen Bøe – Bass

Favorite food and drink: tenderloin pepper steak.

Favorite movie: Sin City, I love the way the stories are told and knitted together with awesome character play and very nice camera shooting.

Most embarrising moment: Crashing my moms car, and calling her the day after!

Most embarrising Tellus-Moment: Forgetting my stage outfit and realizing it 30 minutes before stage entrance of our promoshot concert – that was a fast taxi-drive!

Most treasurable moment: All the memories I have of my dad.

Most Treasurable Tellus-Moment: Working towards radio airplay for months and getting a very nice record deal out of it.

Bucket list: Experience zero gravity, drive a Formula 1 race car and visit Machu Picchu.

Strong against: Stressfull situations.

Weak against: Cats, I love cats.

If you got a 10 million dollar check, what would you do: Go to Machu Picchu with my sister. Then I would by myself a large ice cream and plot world domination.


Anders Berg Sundbø – Keyboards & Classical Piano

Favorite food and drink: Almost anything my girlfriend makes and pure water or a (really) good coffee.

Favorite movie: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy!

Most embarrising moment: Fighting with my brother and punching a large hole in the bathroom door, three days before my fathers 50’th birthday, and it beeing told to everyone at the party…

Most embarrising Tellus-Moment: Managing to unplug the power chord to my synth during a live show.

Most treasurable moment: Getting standing ovations after playing Beethovens Pathetique sonata.

Most Treasurable Tellus-Moment: When I first heard the band, AFTER beeing offered the job!

Can do: Make good coffee.

Can’t do: Get up in the morning…

Bucket list: To play Rachmaninovs 2. and 3. piano concerto.

If you got a 10 million dollar check, what would you do: I really don’t know… I would probably buy a nice house, an even nicer grand piano, invest in the band and live like a king.


Vidar Lehmann – Drums

Favorite food and drink: A friend of mine cooked up some spaghetti and sausage (that’s it) at 5am after a night of heavy drinking, and I swear to God (from that day; the flying spaghettimonster)… best meal ever. Oh, and bacon.

Favorite movie: Donnie Darko, because It really brings back some great memories!

Most embarrising moment: The xylophone part of my final drum exam…

Most embarrising Tellus-Moment: Not being able to hear the click track during a show, thus missing EVERY SINGLE SAMPLE of the first couple of songs. Not cool when you’re the new guy.

Most treasurable moment: I’ll keep this one to my self. Sorry.

Most Treasurable Tellus-Moment: Have to agree with Mr. Nergård; Sitting in our own tour bus for the first time with all of the guys.

Bucket list: 1) Make a living out of playing music. 2) See the end to all broccoli.

Can do: Eat bacon. Lots.

Can’t do: Eat broccoli… Barf.

If you got a 10 million dollar check, what would you do: Help out my familly, and invest in my bands. And now that I think about it, I need more socks…